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Welcome To Personal Fitness.com!
Customized Workout and Meal Planning Programs By A Live Fitness and Nutrition Professional.

Getting Fit Has Never Been So Easy! Your Plan, Your Schedule!

Get in shape, build muscle, burn fat, and lose weight with your very own Online Personal Trainer.

Personal Fitness.com gives you the Personal Trainer Support you need from our Certified Personal Fitness Trainers as you track your personal fitness training progress.

No Need To Spend Money on Equipment!

Can't get to the gym? Don't own equipment? No problem! Whether it's at home or the gym, equipment or no equipment, a Personal Fitness.com Expert will help you get the results you're looking for.

Take our FREE Fitness Analysis or dive right in by choosing one of our custom designed Online Fitness Training Plans:

We all have an internal voice that tells us what we want and need.

"I am tired of losing weight and gaining back more than I originally lost..."

"I am ready to get in shape, build muscle, burn fat and lose all the weight I gained in pregnancy, but I don't want to do it alone..."

"I feel I need motivational and emotional support from a Personal Trainer to get my personal fitness, health and exercise programs jump started again..."

"I spend all day dedicated to my job - I am looking for a Personal Fitness Trainer or Weight Loss Coach who is dedicated and focused on my long term personal fitness success and what I want to achieve..."

"I am searching for the best overall Online Personal Fitness Training Programs that will really deliver on-going, life-long personal fitness results - I want a long term fitness solution..."

"I am seeking the Personal Fitness Training Plan for the Perfect Body for My Life..."

Personal Fitness.com Member
We are here to help you reach your body's potential through bringing you the best information and news from the fitness and health industry while providing you innovative ways to work out. Through our customized personal training programs, exercise plans and nutritional advice, we will keep you focused on your path to a new Body for Life.



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